Embrace Beautiful Hangzhou

Hello Friday! The fair weather here just makes me feel so well. I hope you guys also got okay with your everything in life:)


It would be regretful if you miss beautiful scenery in such a beautiful season and beautiful days. Recently my friend in Hangzhou shared me a set of beautiful photography of Hangzhou city. This almost take my breath away, and I can not help packing and embracing there!


Although at this very moment, I can not go there. Luckily, I can enjoy the scenery by the photos first and explore the beauty later. I can expect it would not be too long!


Formerly, Hangzhou is transliterated as Hangchou. It is the capital and the largest city of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China. A core city of the Yangtze River Delta, Hangzhou has a position on the Hangzhou Bay 180 kilometres (110 mi) southwest of Shanghai that gives it economic power. It has been one of the most renowned and prosperous cities of China for much of the last 1,000 years, due in part to its beautiful natural scenery. The city’s West Lake is its best-known attraction.


Of course, its beauty would be more than that. All that beautiful thing in the city is there waiting for your meeting and exploration!

 Beautiful Hangzhou

 Beautiful Hangzhou

 Beautiful Hangzhou

 Beautiful Hangzhou

 Beautiful Hangzhou

 Beautiful Hangzhou

 Beautiful Hangzhou Beautiful Hangzhou

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DIY Little Pink Elephant

Hi guys, welcome to stop by explore the beauty blog today! Yes, today I would like to invite you to explore a little craft beauty.


As you many know that, in recent days, the weather in Nanjing is fine. The autumn days makes people feel cool and good. So in such a day, it is really easy to have a light mood and make something small and beautiful.


I found an easy craft tutorial online, and decide to do it myself after work. Here it is the little elephant DIY. As can be seen from the picture, the step can be very easy. Make the material prepared and follow the steps, a cute little elephant will come out.

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Yummy Chicken Sauce Fried Baozi Recipe

Baozi to Chinese is hamburger to Westerns. It is an important kind of our breakfast.

Besides common way of eating it, we may also fried the baozi to make a unique favor. My

mom cooked yummy fried chicken sauced fired baozi for me yesterday. They make me have good   appetite. So I refer the internet, and got the recipe with you all!


The material :chicken feet frozen: chicken feet, 300 g, 1000 g of water, a teaspoon of salt, cooking wine 15 grams. Fillings: chicken feet frozen 400 g, 300 g before swine meat, 1 egg, 15 g cornstarch 2 tsp salt, 1 tsp of the chicken, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, cooking wine, soy sauce10 grams .

Dough: All purpose flour 400 grams, 6 grams of dry yeast powder, salt 1/2 teaspoon of cold

water 250 g flour placed in a pot, the middle of playing nest, add yeast and water, to

Jiaocheng floc with chopsticks; bunched up into a smooth, uniform dough; insurance cover

film, placed at the warm and humid fermentation until double in size; dough out to knead

round, covered with a damp cloth, relaxation 20 minutes; rub strips, slitting the small

sub-agents, spheronization of level, rolling into round pieces; package meat, pleated

wrapping it into buns brush the buns at the bottom of water; placed on sesame bowl, the

bottom of the stained sesame; pot into the amount of oil, the stick good sesame buns on

the pot ; add water, the water just have not seen the package.


The pictures show step by step may be easier for refering.

Yummy Chicken Sauce Fried Baozi recipe

Yummy Chicken Sauce Fried Baozi recipe

Yummy Chicken Sauce Fried Baozi recipe

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Shuttle Between Old and New time in Suzhou

Suzhou is one of the most beautiful city with ancient atmosphere. And i like it very much.
Luckly Suzhou is not far from Nanjing where i reside in now. So i can have easy access to it.

Last week,my friend linda and i went to suzhou for a short travel. The stream, wood boat, stone bridege, old house…These items allow you to make a shuttle between the old and new times.
Enjoy a relaxing afternoon,take some green tea and listen to storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect. Time is cozy and beautiful.





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Love Me If You Dare

Anyone like the movie Love Me If You Dare ? Yesterday my friend Amy recommend me the movie again. Actually i have watched it before, so for due to her enthusiastic recommendation, i  am going to review it again:)

The film begins in Liègen Belgium, where a little girl, Sophie, is being bullied by other children. Only a bus driver and a boy, Julien, help her collect her books that the others have thrown into a puddle.

To cheer Sophie up, Julien gives her a small tin box, a gift from his fatally ill mother. Because it is important to him, he asks her to lend it back to him from time to time. As Julien wants the box back at the moment he gave it to her, Sophie demands proof of how important it is to him. Julien disengages the handbrake of the bus without hesitation, and the bus full of children rolls down a hill. Their game has begun: the box changes its owner after each completed dare.

Between the son of wealthy Belgian parents and the daughter of poor Polish immigrants a lasting friendship develops. As children they misbehave in school, wreak havoc on a wedding, and ask silly tasks of each other. As teenagers their lovers have to suffer because of their dares. Meanwhile, the two friends ignore any consequences or punishment during their game.

While they are always looking for the next kick, a love is slowly evolving between the protagonists. Not wanting to admit it, they divert their attention from it by even more extreme dares.

As young adults, Julien tells Sophie that he wants to get married, only later revealing that he means to someone else. The climax is reached when Sophie interrupts Julien’s wedding, after which he is cast out by his father and Sophie is nearly killed during another game. Julien returns to marry his wife, and Sophie declares that they will not see each other for ten years.

Ten years pass, and Julien is married with two children. Sophie has also married, her husband a famous soccer star. A successful Julien admits that he has not forgotten Sophie, though he assumes that she has forgotten him. On the night of Julien’s tenth wedding anniversary, Sophie sends a message to him, indicating that the game is back on. Julien and Sophie meet for a brief moment in the midst of another dare, yet it is enough to remind Julien that their game is “better than life itself.” After a dramatic accident, Julien and Sophie finally reunite, despite the protestations of their spouses. (The plot is referred from wikipedia)

Love me if you dare picture

Love me if you dare picture

Love me if you dare picture

Love me if you dare picture

Love me if you dare picture

Love me if you dare picture


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Chinese Valentine’s day and the Story

Hi guys, long time no see. Sorry for the missing of the post for long. In recent days, i was
totally occupied and i can not spare some time to write my blog and communicate with you all.
But finally i am back!

Actually today is chinese valentine’s day named “qixi”. I do not know weather you guys heart it or not, but in China, it is day for romance. It is also known as Magpie Festival which falls on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month on the Chinese calender.

There is also a romantic and sentimenal story of the festival in China. It is named the cowherd and weaver girl.

In late summer, the stars Altair and Vega are high in the night sky, and the Chinese tell the following love story, of which there are many variations:

A young cowherd, hence Niulang (Chinese: 牛郎; pinyin: niú láng; literally “[the] cowherd”), came across a beautiful girl–Zhinü (Chinese: 织女; pinyin: zhī nǚ; literally “[the] weavergirl”), the seventh daughter of the Goddess, who just had escaped from boring heaven to look for fun. Zhinü soon fell in love with Niulang, and they got married without the knowledge of the Goddess. Zhinü proved to be a wonderful wife, and Niulang to be a good husband. They lived happily and had two children.

But the Goddess of Heaven (or in some versions, Zhinü’s mother) found out that Zhinü, a fairy girl, had married a mere mortal. The Goddess was furious and ordered Zhinü to return to heaven. (Alternatively, the Goddess forced the fairy back to her former duty of weaving colorful clouds, a task she neglected while living on earth with a mortal.)

On Earth, Niulang was very upset that his wife had disappeared. Suddenly, his ox began to talk, telling him that if he killed it and put on its hide, he would be able to go up to Heaven to find his wife.

Crying bitterly, he killed the ox, put on the skin, and carried his two beloved children off to Heaven to find Zhinü. The Goddess discovered this and was very angry. Taking out her hairpin, the Goddess scratched a wide river in the sky to separate the two lovers forever, thus forming the Milky Way between Altair and Vega.

Zhinü must sit forever on one side of the river, sadly weaving on her loom, while Niulang watches her from afar while taking care of their two children (his flanking stars β and γ Aquilae or by their Chinese names Hè Gu 1 and Hè Gu 3).

But once a year all the magpies in the world would take pity on them and fly up into heaven to form a bridge (鹊桥, “the bridge of magpies”, Que Qiao) over the star Deneb in the Cygnus constellation so the lovers may be together for a single night, which is the seventh night of the seventh moon. (story is refered from  wikipedia)

Hope you guys love it and have a happy chinese valentine’s day!

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Terrible Typhone Hits

Hi guys, sorry for miss so long. I was really busy these days. And i wish you guys would miss me:)

Recently here in Nanjing, we got great impact by typhoon! The dark clouds, the heavy rain,collapse trees all over the city. Some place even got water logging the city because of the heavy rain. The people’s life including me got great impact. I  sincerely wish all the people i cared can be safe. Take care guys.



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