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Have a wonderful weekend

Hi all, the weekend is coming. And unfortunately I have to work on today. But the good news is that tomorrow will be off-work time. Everything needs to be balanced, so do the work and life. Do not overwork and … Continue reading

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Love in WuYuan

Have you ever heard about Wuyun? Maybe not? Well, It is honored as one of the most beautiful villages in China. Located in Jiangxi province China, Wuyuan boasted beautiful and fresh scenery. Blue sky, clear water, white house, yellow rape … Continue reading

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What’s your expectation for the baby

Do you got a baby with your family? It is said that a baby is a mix of joy and trouble. They are god’s gift. Innocent, pure, cute, adorable, naughty, beautiful characters like these can always be used to describe … Continue reading

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A feast of plum blossom

Hi there, it is Friday here. The weekend is coming? Do you got some plan? Shopping, go outside or other plans? No matter what’s the plan for the weekend, cathy is here to invite you to enjoy a feast of … Continue reading

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Hello spring equinox day

Solar Terms is a calendar of twenty-four periods and climate to govern agricultural arrangements in ancient China and functions even now. They are specifically as below   the Beginning of Spring     Rain Water        the Waking of Insects the Spring Equinox         … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Hulunbuir Grassland

Hi all, a new week starts here. How is your weekend, do you enjoy it? I got some fun on weekend. Ok, Let’s back to the point, Today I would like to share you grassland themed photos: the beautiful Hulunbuir … Continue reading

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The flowing water

It is Friday today. Be happy guys. Because the weekend is coming. I am so happy here. I can not help sharing the pictures with you. The theme of the shots is the water. It maybe just very common for … Continue reading

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