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Be happy Its Fabulous Friday

Be happy Its Fabulous Friday! The weekend is near the corner. Maybe you are busy with planning for the weekend? Aha? Be a little more patient. Get the work down firstly. Work is work and play is play. In this … Continue reading

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Make an Invisible Bookshelf

Hi guys, long time no see. I have been busy and do not feel very well these days…:( Things go bad, and I really need some encouragement and refreshing. How are you guys? Anyone miss me? I hope all these … Continue reading

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Kramer vs. Kramer

A good movie contributes to a good night. And I guess so 🙂 Last night, I reviewed the movie Kramer vs. Kramer. It is an old movie but nice. Just like many patterns of American family, Mr Kramer is out … Continue reading

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The Sweet Cheese Time

Hi guys, Welcome to the new week! How is the weekend? A perfect life never lacks some fun. And the fun may always include enjoy of the yummy food. LOL Last weekend, I just went to add such fun into … Continue reading

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Cathy’s cooking of Chinese dishes

Happy Wednesday! Time flies! We have come to the middle of the week now. And just two more days work the lovely weekend is coming! Good! You know, the sunshine here today also contribute to my light mood. It was … Continue reading

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Feel weary…

Feel so weary and upset now… and what’s more important, I do not know why I feel like that? 😦   Maybe it is because of Monday, hmm, I do not like Monday. It is always a day to end … Continue reading

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Sakura in Jiming Temple

Hello all, I was just back from my holiday: the Qingming Festival !!! It is one of traditional festivals of my country. Mainly, it is for honouring ancestors and celebrating the coming of the spring.   During the Qingming Festival, … Continue reading

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