The Sweet Cheese Time

Hi guys, Welcome to the new week! How is the weekend? A perfect life never lacks some fun. And the fun may always include enjoy of the yummy food. LOL

Last weekend, I just went to add such fun into my life. Yup, you got it: the enjoy of yummy food. Hopefully I may not gain too much fat. Personally, I tried western food not often, as you know I am Chinese. Mostly I will have some rices or dishes. However, the fact is that, you should always try something new and different, that’s called the explore. So I tried some new favors in a western food restaurant in our city.

To some local people, some dishes may not seem so native. This may be normal, because they have to adjust sometimes to make it more acceptable to local people. Among this dishes, I like beefsteak and pizza most. Really good! Aha…

Ps: the environment for dinner there is not bad which contributes to my happy mood:)

fruit dish

fruit dish

beef steak

beef steak



fried wing

fried wing


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Hi all, i am Cathy Liu. A sunshine girl from China, i like traveling, reading,swimming and blogging. Welcome to my blog and explore the beauty with me.
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