Kramer vs. Kramer

A good movie contributes to a good night. And I guess so 🙂 Last night, I reviewed the movie Kramer vs. Kramer. It is an old movie but nice.

Just like many patterns of American family, Mr Kramer is out for work to earn the bread for the whole family, and Mrs Karmer is at home taking care of the boy and the home. However, the busy work occupies most of Mr Kramer’s time that he can not spare more effort in the family. With day passed on, the Mrs Kramer can not stand it anymore and she leave her family went to other city to seek for her own self realization.

The sudden leave of the housewife make the two men: Mr Kramer and the little boy Billy’s life into a mass. No breakfast, late for school, argument, failure communication…It seems that the life has no promising. However, the father and son conquered all the difficulty little by little and they tend to form a better and closer relationship than before.However, At this time, Mrs Kramer is back for the custody of the boy…..

As to me, the detailed presentation of the daily life between the father and the son when the mother gone away is really touching. Yes, there are just details of life, but they are lovely. And it is the small stuffs that contribute to our relationship, our life. So take care of ourselves and our family in every detail. Later by later, we will find that this is so dear and sweet.

PS, the color tone and the music are also definitely perfect in the movie.

father and son

father and son

mother and son

boy billy

boy billy




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