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Solar Terms Theme Pictures-Spring

A girl named Jane from Shanghai is a Gastroenterologist. She loves travel very much. She saw a website about 24 solar term pictures in Japan by chance. This gives her inspirations. She decide to make a 24 solar term theme … Continue reading

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Moon River

It is no doubt that music has great harm and magic power. It can soothe emotions and relax the mood. Sometimes it may tell a beautiful or moving story, sometimes it can bring you to a journey. Last night, I … Continue reading

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The Tender Flowers in My Dream

I am always wanna to go to Japan to have a view of sakura blossom. Well, in the matter of fact, there are lots of places in china also have grand sakura view, for example, the Wuhan University, the Jiming … Continue reading

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Friday Fighting

Friday is always fabulous to me. Because it means a work of five days coming to an end, while the sweet two day weekend coming. However, things not go exactly the same. Sometimes, there are some blues on Friday, for … Continue reading

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The Picturesque and Rural Scenery

Terrace is a layered hills region. It employs some measures to guarantee soil of the terrace, prevent and control surface run-off casued by irrigation water. It is an important agriculture pattern around the world. Nowadays, it is also shows some … Continue reading

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Mom, l love you

Last Sunday was international mother’s day. There must be various people showing they love to mother in various ways: a hug, a kiss, a gift and whatever. As a matter of fact, the fist modern mother’s day celebration dates back … Continue reading

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Enjoy a Feast of Green bamboo-sea

It is summer day here. The weather gradually began hot. How would I like to have some fresh and cool things. The heavy work recently really make me feel great burden and wanna go our for a release. But you … Continue reading

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