The Picturesque and Rural Scenery

Terrace is a layered hills region. It employs some measures to guarantee soil of the terrace, prevent and control surface run-off casued by irrigation water. It is an important agriculture pattern around the world. Nowadays, it is also shows some sight-seeing character attracting people to vist, especially the urbanite.

Terrace                                                 mist cloaks just like a fairyland

The MeiYuan terrace, located in Zhejiang Yunhe county, so also called Yun terrace. The transportation is convenient thus it is easy to enter.

Terrace                                                 it was time for rice transplanting

It is a grand terraced group with Altitude 200 m-1400 for span many meters and a vertical level of 1200 meters and across the mountains and hills, valleys three geological landscape zone, have 700 layers.

Terrace                                           Terrace with water just like mirrors

MeiYuan terrace boasts strong shock with dimension, four seasons unique landscape, and other features, is the largest area of the east China terrace, known as “the most beautiful China terrace”.

cattle                                  the little cattle is having some grasses lol

Welcome to a vist here to enjoy the picturesque and rural scenery



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