Solar Terms Theme Pictures-Spring

A girl named Jane from Shanghai is a Gastroenterologist. She loves travel very much. She saw a website about 24 solar term pictures in Japan by chance. This gives her inspirations. She decide to make a 24 solar term theme picture set from her two year travel photography. Being carefully chosen, the set of the picture hits the internet.


In general, a solar term is any of 24 points in traditional East Asian lunisolar calendars that matches a particular astronomical event or signifies some natural phenomenon.


Today, I will share you with the solar terms theme pictures in spring.They are: the Beginning of Spring, Rain Water, The Waking of Insects, The Spring Equinox, Pure Brightness, Grain Rain. And in the coming days, the summer, autumn and winter theme will be updated.

the begining of spring                                                        the begining of spring

rain water                                     rain water: more rain than snow

the Waking of Insects                             the Waking of Insects: awakening of hibernating insects.

the Spring Equinox                                               the Spring Equinox :spring division

Pure Brightness                                    Pure Brightness :time for tending graves

Grain Rain                                          Grain Rain:rain helps grain grow



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Hi all, i am Cathy Liu. A sunshine girl from China, i like traveling, reading,swimming and blogging. Welcome to my blog and explore the beauty with me.
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