Solar Terms Theme Pictures-Winter

Today we come to the last chapter of our solar terms series themed pictures: Winter. Do you like the previous posts? Hope you do. 🙂 Ahh god, it is the summer here. To write something about winter really makes me feel like the winter is arriving? But to tell the truth, to think of something in winter will make you feel cool in hot summer days. You can try it if you do not believe it.


Well, one of the typical symbol of the winter maybe the snow. The snow will draw a white world for us. Weather a little white hint with little snow or a full white world with heavy snow. The snow is no doubt the spoke-man of winter season. If keep warm is the first priority of winter, then keep cool would be the summer. Have a good day guys.


After the presenting of the solar terms in winter: the Beginning of Winter, Slight Snow, Great Snow, the Winter Solstice, Slight Cold, Great Cold the six solar term themed pictures, the series will come to an end. Hope you enjoy:)

the Beginning of Winter                                                           the Beginning of Winter

Slight Snow                                                                       Slight Snow

Great Snow                                                                     Great Snow

 the Winter Solstice                                                             the Winter Solstice

Slight Cold                                                                 Slight Cold

Great Cold                                                           Great Cold


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Hi all, i am Cathy Liu. A sunshine girl from China, i like traveling, reading,swimming and blogging. Welcome to my blog and explore the beauty with me.
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