The Mini Plant World in Glass Container

Yesterday, I read a post about grow plant in glass container, I found it extremely fun and interesting. And I googled about it, and get some more information as below.

Flower and plants boast great charm that enchanted people. In recent days to create a plant world in the glass container is the new trend.

mini plants in glass container

Some people can build a fancy world even in small space. The mini biosphere created by mini materials is just like a real one. As long as you put it in the right place, the sealed glass container can automatically watering and grow independently. The water from the moist soil, and can go down along the glass wall, so the can make a balance. Sometimes you need to open the container to let through some air. Besides, there is nothing to worry about.

grow plants in glass

There are some thing should be paid attention to when you are going to plant the glass plant. Remember to lay some pebbles on the bottom of the container. Then put some Charcoal piece or Anticorrosive stone. Next, soil with multi nutrition composition would be needed. Of course, the mini plant that likes the sun and moist can not be missed. For ornament, you can also put some branches, shell, deal apple, and moss and the like. If you can make this, then congratulations, you are going to have your own mini plant world!

plants in mini glass container


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